Educational support and mentoring to orphans and vulnerable children.

Fadhili’s Watoto Wetu project started in 2004 to care for children who had been orphaned by parents with HIV. The program provides for 30 to 35 children each year as spaces are available. It pays school fees and often living expenses for bright children who come from desperate situations. To date we have supported more than 125 children.

Access to education and a safe living environment makes a huge difference to their lives. Many of the sponsored children go on to college or university programs. After graduating many, like John are able to provide not only for themselves but their family members as well.

The need is so great that the project has a very long waiting list. We can accommodate a lot more children but only lack sponsors to do so.

Here are a few of the children currently supported by the Watoto Wetu project:

John is a wonderful example of what a difference educational support can mean in a young person’s life: