We have been supporting John since Class 3 at public school. His mother was part of a health project we were involved with at the time and John performed well enough to secure a place in the Watoto Wetu project.

When John was in Form 1, he took Judo lessons to learn self-defense. The lessons were being offered for free at a Catholic church near his home. With time, he realized that he enjoyed Judo and started playing competitively. As a result, he has represented Kenya in nine different countries for the last six years.

In June 2019, John graduated with a Diploma in Information Technology from Jomo Kenyatta University and is began a new chapter in his life. He continues to work at Judo, experiencing continued success, and hopes to land meaningful employment soon so he can support his mother who is often sick.

Thanks to the support of the Watoto Wetu project and generous donors, John is currently independent and is able to pay bills for himself and his mother.