Jen Kyele is a young mother. Before she joined the Village Savings and Loan (VSL) group she didn’t know how to save money for school fees for her children. She had to knock on doors of her neighbours and family members in order for her children to attend school. Jen felt shame and embarrassment when she had to do this.

Jen’s VSL group has been running for almost three years. Since becoming part of the group she has learned about saving and now finds it easy to pay for her children’s school fees. She has saved enough money to build her house, buy some goats, build a chicken coop and buy chickens. She also runs a small business selling kerosene and gives 10% of what she earns to the church as an offering.

In the future, she wants to continue building up her farm. She plans to purchase more equipment and seeds to expand on what she has already done. Jen is grateful for Fadhili Trust and the Village Agent who taught her how to save and earn money. It has transformed her life. In short, Jen’s shame and embarrassment has changed to hope and optimism.