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Category: Our Stories

Eugene’s story

Eugene is the second born of four. His parents are small scale farmers at their home in Siaya County. Both parents are living with chronic illnesses. His father recently lost one of his eyes to cancer. Their condition has made it difficult for them to maximumly fend for the family. By staying at home due to lack of school fees, the first-born daughter became idle and succumbed to peer pressure and got married at a tender age.

Fadhili met Eugene through a community health worker in Rongai who referred him for school fee support in 2018 while he was joining form two in Kisumu day high school. The parents sold all they had to enroll him in form one but still, the fee was not fully paid up. He would be sent home often for school fee which the parents could not afford.

Eugene has been under school fee support from Fadhili since then. He sat for his Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education in 2021 and scored a C. He intends to study law and hopes that he gets the opportunity.

Nurturing our feature leaders through education

Christine joined Fadhili’s Trust Watoto Wetu while in primary school – class 8 in 2014. She is living with disability after losing one arm to an accident she was involved in while traveling to their rural home in Kisii with the mother. She has since embraced her condition positively and even participates in sports like football, athletics and hockey. She has managed to participate up to the national level which is the highest competition levels and was awarded for being a good athlete. Christine stays with her mother who is unemployed and is unable to do heavy chores due to the injury she got on her spinal cord during the accident they were involved in. The father disappeared soon after the accident abandoning both Christine and the mother at the hospital. The younger siblings were abandoned in a rental house with no one to take care of them. They were later taken in by neighbors and good Samaritans. They incurred a huge hospital bill with no one to pay. The maternal family sold a few animals they had to raise the money to offset the bill but it was not enough. Eventually, the government through the hospital social worker waived the cost and they were discharged after 2 years in hospital. This situation makes it hard for the family of five to have basic needs like food, shelter and education.

Christine at home with the family

With the support from Fadhili Trust, she joined Thika school for the disabled in 2015 for her high school where she scored C-. Christine is currently training as an ECD teacher majoring in special education at PCEA Rubate teachers training college-Chuka. She is in her first year and hoping to change the living standards of her family being the first born.

Vallery Achieng

Vallary is the third born in a family of eight. The father passed on many years ago when she was still young. Her mother is a cobbler in Ongata Rongai. The income that the mother gets from the business is hardly enough for food leave alone other basic needs. This makes it hard for the family to make ends meet in terms of paying rent, school fee and other basic needs.

Fadhili met the family in 2009 during one of the home-based care visits to patients living with chronic illnesses. The family was living in a single room house which was meant to be a land caretaker’s house as the owner of the land was not staying within. The room was tiny, very squeezed and could not fit them at night. This then meant the mother would have to share the bed with two girls, then the other two girls-who are twins would sleep under the bed, one brother, Brian on the couch and the two elder boys would sleep in the unfinished house that had no roof. During rainy seasons, they would cover their room with a polythene paper and sleep. They endured all these since they could not afford rent in a better house. A well-wisher came to their aid and rented a better place of three rooms for them. Later when the well-wishers were unable to pay due to financial constraints, Fadhili begun supporting them in paying the rent and school fee for the children.

Vallary (squatting)and siblings in their current home

Vallary’s mother on previous home-one room


Due to the challenges of food, shelter and other basic needs, Fadhili took Vallary and her four siblings to a government boarding primary school so that they could get regular meals, shelter as well as education. This move helped to relieve the mother a little bit. Meanwhile the eldest was also catered for in high school.

Vallary has been working hard in school despite the challenges at home. She was the best in the  national primary exam in her school (KCPE) having score 396 marks out of 500 marks in 2016. She was called to Limuru Girls High school which is a national government school based in Kiambu county where she finished her form four in 2021 April (would be 2020 if not for covid 19). She scored a B- in the final exams expecting to join university in September 2021 with hopes of improving their livelihoods.