Church and Community Transformation (CCT) is a recent inclusion in Fadhili’s activities. It is aimed at encouraging the church and empowering it to be involved in transformational development in the community. It is meant to get the church to be actively involved in the needs of its congregants and community while also taking care of the environment.  The CCT program has foundational mindset change approaches based on the Scripture.

The program is being implemented in Makueni county, Kibwezi-West sub-county, specifically Nguumo and Makindu ward.  As the Fadhili Trust staff were working with the community, they noted that there was a need to incorporate the church in implementing its work in Makueni county. This led to the introduction of the Church and Community Transformation (CCT) program. 

CCT promotes the restoration of the broken relationships with God, self, others and creation. It is meant to challenge certain mindsets that encourage poverty amongst community members.  CCT is implemented by use of Biblical teachings that enhance sacrificial living and shuns selfishness (2 Corinthians 9:11) 

The main goal of CCT is to promote the integration of Word and deed in ministry (James 2:14-17) . The objectives are to motivate and empower the church to get involved in the community by helping people identify and address their needs with the available resources, promote the involvement of the church in healing relationships and encourage the church to be part of restoration of dignity to the brokenhearted who are also created in the image of God. The project is currently working with 34 churches having trained over members to steer the program in the different churches.