Our Achievements
  • The Savings Groups project has improved the lives of families by teaching members how to pool their savings and loan each other to meet their personal and societal needs. The project is modeled on Village Savings and Loans Associations (VSLAs) and has a presence in four counties. So far, the project has reached over 45,000 members in 1,800 groups, having transacted over KES 240 million.
  • Fadhili recognizes that children matter and as such, initiated a project for education sponsorship for children in 2004. To date, the project has supported over 125 students with sponsorship for primary, secondary and tertiary education. The project complements academic studies with discipleship and mentorship.
  • Fadhili Trust has been involved in HIV Prevention activities since 2001 through Home Based Care, Choose Life, Abstinence and Be Faithful, Prevention with Positives, HIV Testing, Families Matter! and Healthy choices projects reaching over 55,000 individuals in two counties.

Our Beliefs

Impartiality and Gender integration
Fadhili will at all times ensure that all its activities are discharged without discrimination on the basis of ethnicity, colour, religion, race, gender, age or social standing. Fadhili ensures that gender considerations are included in its programmes to harmonize roles and strengths inherent in both genders as guided by the infallible Word of God – the Holy Bible (2 Peter 1:3)
Christian Values
Fadhili is a unique Christian organization whose operating beliefs are guided by Christian values which act as symbols of identity for the organization (Colossians 3:23-24).
Transparency and Accountability
Transparency and Accountability. Fadhili believes in transparency and accountability in discharging its services to beneficiaries, community and stakeholders (Matthew 25:14-30).
Partnerships with Stakeholders
Fadhili fosters collaboration with other like-minded stakeholders and partners. Partnerships emanate from the recognition that Fadhili requires the contribution of all stakeholders to achieve its goals and objectives (Romans 12:3-8).
Client Focused and Result Oriented
The legitimacy of any organization lies in its ability to serve its clients. Fadhili commits itself to give the highest quality of service to all its clients. Fadhili endeavors to ensure that it delivers results to its stakeholders with emphasis on measurable impact from its interventions
Integrity and Teamwork
Integrity is a distinguishing organizational character displayed by all at all times. The nature of business and clients served as well as the public expectations make integrity a must for all who work and relate with Fadhili. The business of Fadhili renders itself to teamwork. (Romans 15:5-6; Ephesians 4:1-13).