Our Team

Josephine Munywoki

Program Director

 As one of the founding members of Fadhili , she has been with the organization since its inception in 2001. She is passionate about empowering women and improving access to education for children from diverse backgrounds. Josephine is grateful for the ability to work at Fadhili on projects that are dear to her heart. She thanks God for the opportunity to be part of a great team.

Millicent Akama

Gender & Nutrition Officer

Millicent is passionate about community health and development. Her work involves women 
empowerment, gender mainstreaming, community development and strengthening 
community networks. Her key pillars are trust in God, Team spirit, resilience and focus. Her 
ambition is to expand knowledge in her career in Public Health in order to better serve 
the community and achieve development at a personal level. Her goal is to add value to 
the community  

Victor Mutinda

Project Officer:

Food Security

Victor’s  goal is to promote, support and impact rural communities and villagers with the sustainable village savings model and to increase financial literacy in collaborative team work and spirit with fellow field officers, village agents and office staff.
Victor likes to be involved in activities which empower people affected by human and natural calamities and to work as a team player in terms of learning and sharing knowledge, skills and encouraging attitudinal change.

Samuel Gichuru

Finance Officer

Sammy (as he is popularly called), is the Finance Officer at Fadhili Trust. His main role is to ensure that the accounting books are prepared, recorded and maintained to the highest acceptable accounting standards. His goal at work is to ensure that there is continued improvement in terms of policies and procedures as the world evolves. Sammy’s goal is to add value to the personal lives of those he interacts with in and outside of Fadhili.

Zipporah Makumi

Field Officer – Kibwezi West

Zipporah has a background in social work. She is motivated to work for Fadhili because she has the opportunity to help change the lives of many people in rural communities. She is a witness to what the savings project has done to uplift the lives of people in the community. Her goal is to help build savings groups to the level of becoming self-sustaining and growing into Savings and Credit Cooperative Societies (Saccos). Her zeal in life is to reach as many rural communities as possible and witness a transformational change in their lives through the Savings Project.

Anita Kamoni

Field Extension Officer – Kibwezi West

Anita has a background in general agriculture hence training on Conservation Agriculture to improve food security. Her greatest passion is farming and working in community development activities. Her key pillars are trust in God, resilience, goal oriented , honesty and working smart. Her goal is to eradicate poverty, hunger and attain environmental sustainability. Anita is glad to be working with Fadhili Trust since it’s a Christian based organization passionate about the well-being of the community and looks forward towards attaining her set goals.

Mary Babu

Field Officer – Kibwezi East

Mary calls herself the “Mother of Many”, since in her course of work she has ended up improving the welfare of many in the community. Working with Fadhili has provided her with an opportunity to improve the economic status of families in rural communities and has provided a way for different cadres of people to earn an income through the project. As a team member, she is always keen on meeting her targets and contributing her skills towards poverty reduction. She remains motivated as she joyfully serves among the grass root communities.

Teresa Oloo

Office Assistant

Teresa is the Office Assistant at Fadhili and cares about the welfare of both staff members and visitors. According to her, the environment at Fadhili is friendly and people are treated fairly. Teresa loves cooking and uses her skills to ensure the well-being of everyone in the office. She thanks God for the opportunity to work at Fadhili.

Johnstone Ndunda

 Field extension officer -Kibwezi West(Ngumo ward)

Johnstone has been instrumental in the implementation of a food security project using conservation agriculture technologies. He believes in the rich endowment God has vested on every creation. He suggests that if our human resource focuses on the innate strengths and abilities without heavily delving on their weaknesses, God’s purpose  and mission for human nature will find an highway for the infinite possibilities. He believes sustainable development is not possible without agriculture.

Kevin Mbusya

Monitoring and Evaluation Officer

Kevin’s main role is to regularly track inputs and activities, and progress towards the achievement of agreed outcomes and impact of ongoing projects’ activities, during implementation, so as to inform timely-decision making and short-term corrective action(s) in support of adaptive management. His goal is to achieve the projects’ set out objectives while increasing the capacity of the various stakeholders he comes into contact with, throughout and after the life of the projects he monitors.

James Akidiva


James is the caretaker at the Fadhili office compound. He has a passion for landscaping and making a place look beautiful with flowers, trees and grass. He strives to ensure the environment at Fadhili is at its best and is glad to be a Fadhili team member.